Zebra Juice 10ml 20mg Nicotine Salt

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Flavour: Black
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Introducing the myth, the legend, the man himself; Stripes! Stripes’ is the face of Zebra Juice. The man in charge of production, flavours, marketing and everything in between, a man of many many talents. Seriously though, Zebra Juice Nicotine Salt cover every a broad spectrum of flavours to satisfy every vapers requirement.

Little Zebra Salt Range

22 Exciting Flavours

- Strawberry Milkshake

- Blackcurrant

- Ice Berry

- Strawberry

- Rhubarb & Custard

- Pear Drop

- Bubblegum

- Ice Mint

- Grape

- Sweet Tobacco

- Blackjack

- Pink

- Classic Tobacco

- Tropical

- Raspberry Sorbet

- Ice Black

- Aniseed Berries

- Fizzy Lemon

- Black

- Strawberry & Kiwi

- Blue

- Red



Capacity - 10ml

Nicotine - 20mg

Ratio - 50VG/50PG

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