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GEEKBAR Bundle Deal helps you save a few extra pounds when bulk buying. Flavours sent at random.

Package Contains: 

4 x GEEKBAR Disposable Vape



Blueberry Cotton Candy (NEW!)

The delicious, sweet tastes of blueberry combine with fluffy cotton candy to bring you a vape flavour that is reminiscent of days at the funfair! Perfect for vapers with a sweet tooth, this delectable flavour is certainly an all-day vape.

Energy Ice (NEW!)

The Energy Ice Geek Bar flavour is everything you expect it to be, and then some. Imagine your favourite energy drink – not only is this vape equally as cool and refreshing, but it is also similarly capable of kickstarting your day.

Kiwi Passionfruit (NEW!)

A delicious combination, Geek Bar’s latest Kiwi Passionfruit flavour brings together the two delicious fruits to perfection. Tangy passionfruit combines with soft kiwi to bring you a tropical tasting vape that will have you feeling like you are relaxing on a stunning beach many miles away!

These brand new flavours accompany the classics, which are:

Geek Berg

Geek Berg is light and stimulating blend of mixed berries with a touch of cool menthol. Like drinking a tall, iced glass of berry smoothie on a hot summer’s day, this flavour leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Blueberry Bubble Gum

Imagine the nostalgic taste of chewy indulgent bubble gum mixed in with delicious blueberries. Geek Bar has managed to create the perfect blend of sweet and tangy with an extra bubble gum treat with Blueberry Bubble Gum.

Blackcurrant Menthol

A staple for menthol lovers, but with a twist. The Geek Bar Blackcurrant Menthol disposable vape pen provides a refreshing fruity flavour coated in a fresh minty coolness.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

A sharp, fruity surprise, Blueberry Sour Raspberry is a blueberry party of sweet and sour flavours and you are invited. This flavour provides a balance between two worlds for all indecisive vapers.

Pink Lemonade

The Pink Lemonade disposable vape is an invigorating, tart dose of sunshine to your system. The combination of red berries infused with refreshing lemonade creates a subtle sweet escape for your taste buds.


A subtle and soft sweet treat, this delicious flavour provides a mellow vape that you can enjoy all day long. With an enjoyable tang that follows on the exhale, you won’t be disappointed with this choice.

Green Mango

This Geek Bar disposable vape is reminiscent of freshly squeezed Green Mango, perfectly balancing the line between sweet and sour. That’s not all, this flavour has a slight tang that is followed by the coolness of fresh mint leaves, creating a truly unique sensation.

Lemon Tart

You can literally inhale your desert with this Lemon Tart delight. Imagine the sweet and zesty lemon tart filling lined with buttery pastry and topped off with soft notes of meringue, but this time, without the guilt!

Passion Fruit

This sweet but sharp Geek Bar flavour rolls over your tongue and delivers a smooth refreshing experience. The Passion Fruit flavour has a pleasing subtle tang that would make a great addition to any vape kit collection.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Geek Bar’s Strawberry Ice Cream brings the taste of summer right to your doorstep. The underlying creamy flavour is cut by a burst of sweet strawberries that will transport you to a relaxing beach on a summer’s day.

Peach Ice

The Peach Ice Vape pod is a thirst-quenching gem and a must-have for any collection. The sweet, rich peach flavour is the perfect summertime treat to pair with the cool refreshing iciness that follows.

Blueberry Ice

Geek Bar’s Blueberry Ice is packed full of sweet blueberries and is topped off with a cool minty frost on the exhale for an invigorating vape.

Lychee Ice

Summertime refreshment in one vape. The flavour of plump, sweet, juicy lychees that are the perfect mix of tart and tangy.

Mango Ice

Just like the real thing, this Mango Ice flavour tastes like fresh juicy mango, with the added twist of cool, minty undertones.


This smooth, minty cool flavour is a staple for any collection and offers a delicious Menthol flavour that is hard to resist.

Banana Ice

Geek Bar Banana Ice is a smooth, creamy flavour. While it is not over the top it still bursts with a ripe, sweet, cool sophisticated satisfaction to finish.

Sour Apple

One of Geek Bar’s best-selling flavours, the Sour Apple vape device is sure to please. This vape pod has a tongue-twisting sour buzz followed by the delicious citrus apple flavour

Sweet Strawberry

Packed with fruity goodness, this Sweet Strawberry vape pod contains the unmistakable, sweet, juicy flavour of deliciously ripe strawberries.


One of the more recent additions to the Geek Bar disposable range, the Tobacco vape pod is smooth and rich and does not feel harsh or too strong to vape, like many other tobacco flavoured e-liquids.

Watermelon Ice

This flavour is fresh, light and full of summertime sweetness. The Watermelon Ice has a satisfying iciness that will cool you all the way down.


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